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Welcome to Tanguar Haor, one of the most stunning wetlands in Bangladesh, offering an unmatched natural beauty that is sure to leave you spellbound. We are thrilled to have you aboard our premium wooden houseboat, where we’ll take you on a truly unique adventure to explore the beauty of this unspoiled paradise.

Our houseboat is expertly designed to offer luxury and comfort, ensuring a peaceful and tranquil journey throughout your stay. As the monsoon season showers its blessings, the lush greenery of Tanguar Haor transforms into a magical spectacle that offers a truly unforgettable experience.


  • Modern reserved Houseboat with high commode facilities.
  • Life Jacket.
  • Reserved Laguna.
  • Freshly prepared food by Sunamganj’s local chefs.
  • Total 6 full meals accompanied by light snacks.
  • Experienced tour host.
  • Separate accommodation for male and female.
  • Musical instruments
  • Any Personal Expense
  • Transportation from Dhaka-Sunamganj-Dhaka

Tour Plan

    • Start your day with a satisfying breakfast and embark on your journey to explore more destinations.
    • Begin with a visit to Barikka Tila, followed by a rejuvenating sunbathing session.
    • Enjoy a delicious lunch before heading to the picturesque Shimul Bagan for a memorable photoshoot session.
    • As your adventure nears its end, return to Sunamganj with a visit to the scenic Jadukata River.
    • Have dinner in Sunamganj and board the night bus back to Dhaka, aiming to reach by 6 AM.Day 0: Start Your Adventure to Sunamganj from Dhaka at Night

      Day 01: Explore Sunamganj and the Scenic Wetlands

      • Arrive in Sunamganj during the early morning hours.
      • After freshening up, enjoy a delicious breakfast at a local restaurant.
      • Embark on a journey to Tahirpur using local Lagunas.
      • Experience the vibrant atmosphere of the local bazaar and shop for the next two days.
      • Board your private boat with a dedicated chef and begin your exploration of the second largest freshwater wetland in Bangladesh.
      • Visit the Watch Tower and take a refreshing swim in the freshwater, with lifejackets available for those in need.
      • Enjoy a tasty lunch onboard as you cruise towards Teker Ghat.
      • Discover the beautiful Shaheed Siraj Lake, also known as Niladri Lake.
      • Continue your adventure with a visit to Lakma Chara.
      • Spend the evening on the boat and indulge in a delightful dinner.

      Day 02: Discover Barikka Tila and Shimul Bagan

  • Large aesthetic boat made out of wood and bamboo.
  • 20X Life jackets to help you stay afloat on water.
  • Solar mobile charging facility.
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • A small kitchen with gas stove.
  • Cotton bedding & pillows for resting.
  • Indoor gaming facilities.
  • Basin for freshening up.
  • Hand shower to clean your feet.
  • Two washrooms with flush & hand shower (1X High Commode, 1X Low Commode)
  •  Separate changing room.
  • 300L water tank, sufficient for one week’s water needs.
  • Plenty of toiletries : Soap, Shampoo, Toothpaste & Tissues
  • Sunbathing facilities
  • Flask with unlimited tea
  • Crookeries & Cutleries
  • Carpet on wooden deck.
  • Mini fan powered by Solar panels.
  • Ladder for getting in and out of water with ease.
  • Professional trained captain and crew
  • Two dustbins to keep the Haor & Boat clean
  • Curtains to partition the boat down the middle
  • 16 large windows to for lighting and ventilation.
  • Battery & Solar cells to keep the boat well lit.
  • Tanguar Haor
  • Watchtower
  • Shaheed Siraj Lake
  • Lakma Chara
  • Barikka Tila
  • Jainal Abedin’s Shimul Garden.

Day 01:

  • Breakfast: Bread, Jelly, Mishti, Banana, Egg Khichuri, Egg Curry, Fried Brinjal & Pickles.
  • Midday: Fresh Fruits
  • Lunch: Fresh Fish from the Haor, Chicken Curry, Vegetables, Vorta, Daal & Water.
  • Evening: Noodles, Fried Snacks, Muri Makha
  • Dinner: Duck Vuna, Small Fish Curry, Vorta, Daal & Water. 

Day 02:

  • Breakfast: Khichuri, Egg Curry, Fried Brinjal, Salad & Water.
  • 11 AM: Cake, Banana & Tea.
  • Lunch: Chicken, Fish, Vegetables, Vorta Platter, Daal & Water.
  • Evening:  Evening: Noodles, Fried Snacks, Muri Makha
  • Dinner: 

* Highway food cost is not included.

  • Cap, Sunglasses, Sun Cream to protect yourself from the Sun.
  • Camera, power bank, lightweight raincoat or umbrella, towels etc.
  • Any personal medication.

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