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Sajek Valley, often dubbed the “Queen of Hills” in Bangladesh, is a picturesque destination nestled in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. It boasts lush green hills, dense forests, and breathtaking landscapes. This serene valley is inhabited by indigenous communities, providing an opportunity to explore unique cultures. Visitors can trek through the pristine surroundings, enjoy panoramic views from viewpoints like Hajachora, and savor local cuisine, including the famed bamboo chicken. Sajek Valley is known for its eco-friendly approach to tourism, making it a tranquil and environmentally conscious getaway in Bangladesh.


  •  Dhaka-Khagrachari-Dhaka bus
  •  Chander Gari reservation for 2 Days from Khagrachari to Sajek
  •  Excellent quality food (3 meals per day)
  •  Alutila Cave, Horticulture Park entry fees
  •  Tour Manager
  •  First-Aid medicine
  •  Highway Restaurant food cost
  •  Any personal cost
  •  Any entry fees at Khagrachari.

Tour Plan

⮚ Journey Starts from Sayedabad Bus Stand, Dhaka at 10:00 PM
⮚ Our Non-AC Coach will take us to Khagrachari.

⮚ Arrive at Khagrachari in the morning.
⮚ Have a hearty breakfast at a nearby restaurant.
⮚ There will be a few rooms reserved at a nearby hotel for us to get freshened up before
beginning our journey towards Sajek Vaelly.
⮚ To reach our resort we will take the famous “Chander Gari”, built to tackle the hilly roads,
leading to Sajek Valley.
⮚ After checking into our resort and freshening up, we will have lunch.
⮚ We will then, begin our exploration with Ruilui Para and then check out Lushai Heritage
⮚ Our day ends on Sajek’s Helipad, from where we will see the sunset.
⮚ After dinner, we will head back to the resort and chill together the whole night.

⮚ Early in the morning, we will climb Konglak Hill to catch the white clouds while the Sun
makes its appearance.
⮚ After enjoying the beautiful sunrise, we will return to have breakfast and then checkout
from our resort.
⮚ Our next stop will be Khagrachari; the journey will be by Chander Gari.
⮚ At Khagrachari, we will have lunch and then immediately set out to explore Alutila Cave.
⮚ If there’s enough water, we might also give in to temptation of having a shower under
Risang Waterfall.
⮚ Next, we will have lunch and then immediately set out for Horticulture Park.
⮚ Our evening will be spent on the Hanging Bridge until 09:00 PM when our coach journey to
Dhaka begins.

⮚ We aim to arrive in Dhaka, very early in the morning (05:00 AM). If you forgot to bring any
souvenirs, don’t worry, at least you will have brought some wonderful memories to keep
you company.

➢ Any additional or personal cost will not be included in our package/ service.
➢ Ghuring Firing is not liable for any changes to the itinerary due to personal problems of any
of the participants, accidents, natural calamities or any other unforeseen circumstances. Any
extra charges incurred as a result of such events will then be the liability of the individuals.
➢ Plastic snack packets, water bottles can't be left behind.
➢ Damage to wild animals or plants will not be tolerated.
➢ Refrain from saying or doing anything to disrespect the locals.
➢ Follow the instructions given by your trip hosts at all times.

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